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We are in need Chinese Translator, Kara FX and Graphic designer.

Other vacancies (Japanese Translator, English translator, Typesetter...) are welcome.

(≧ε≦) ★ Smap x Smap Special Ft KAT-TUN released (≧ε≦)

(≧ε≦) ★ [06-08-2010] Kase by Kase released (≧ε≦)

Chủ Nhật, 7 tháng 2, 2010

[Esub] [15-01-2010] [Hanamaru Cafe] Kamenashi Kazuya

Pirate queens subbing team present: English sub version of Hanamaru cafe ft Kamenashi Kazuya.

Sorry for releasing so late ^^

About SxS: PQST has announced before that we will release SxS SP feat KAT-TUN in engsub and vietsub, but JOR has already worked on this PJ~ so PQST will release the Vietsub verson only.
Vsub ver will be release on Kame's D.O.B


Project lead: Shiro
Translator: Hani
Editor: Kazumi, Wendy
Timer: Thudaulep, shiro
Typesetter: Shiro
Encoder: moon_kaka
Graphic designer: Jisa


Following is the chat between me and Kazumi, editor:

Kazumi: "No sorry! I'm still working on it at the moment!
Sorry I had to take a break! I'm working on it now so I think you can have it in some hours (more 2-3hours max I think! I hope!! T^T)."

Shiro: "^^ I'm not in a hurry~ "

Kazumi: "But me I'm in a hurry!!
I'm beginning to have nightmares watching again and again the same sentences! T^T
Soon I could play the lead role of Kamechan at Hanamaru Cafe, I near know all by heart!! T^T"

Download link: | MU | Mf 001 002 |
| MF mirrow 001 002 003 004 | Thx: Crovoxisikes @ LJ for MF link

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